Whitepaper V1

3 min readMar 2, 2022

NFTs tend to inspire a desire for self-expression and idealism that is intertwined with the need to create, preserve, and showcase. The very nature and origins of art . illustrate a fundamental need for creativity and innovation.
The blockchain has enabled a new use-case for art, in the form of NFTs, which has launched the industry into an unprecedented period of growth. This has left many users and artists alike wondering how they can contribute to this new and innovative space.

Introducing Treehouse Club
From a high-level view, the Treehouse Club intends to solve just that.
We hope to enable artists and users, with varying degrees of skill, to be able to offer their work for sale, and easily collect work respectively across the platform .

Marketplace And Launchpad
Our main focus with launchpad will especially be to onboard talented/famous Artists to Solana and to give exposure to Already blossoming 1/1 Artists, Generative Art scene!
Our own marketplace primarily focused on 1/1 Artists, Generative Art and Auctions .The percentage % royalties will be used to fill the Club wallet weekly and Will be put to more uses on things the Club members decide by consensus.

Community Based — Participation in the project’s governance allows for community members and token holders to actively partake in the Treehouse club roadmap. There is no management or oversight which can govern or overturn key decisions made by the community.
Transparency — All votes are cast on the blockchain and available for public viewing. Automation — Smart contracts enable seamless and automatic voting for the NFT holders.

Our Foundation:-

•Built on Solana — Expensive gas no longer is the deciding factor to whether or not you can become a collector of the piece you wanted from an artist. You can later bridge your assets back to Ethereum mainnet or any other compatible chain through Wormhole (wormholenetwork.com)
• UI/UX — THC will be designed with the end user in mind and their experience buying and browsing collections.
• Governance — Enabled by the TH Club, token holders will be able to dictate the future direction of the Club/protocol.
• Profit Sharing — A portion of protocol sales will be distributed through the treasury to token holders.
• Cross-Chain Capabilities — Future cross-chain implementation will be possible to allow bridging of assets

NFT Public Sale Details
Date 5th March 11:59 UTC
Total Supply — 3000
WL Mint — 1000 (1.5SOL)
Public — 2000 (2 SOL)

As much as we wanna focus on 1/1 artists, we also wanna develop marketplace for generative art you should check out the volume of Artblocks.io on Ethereum Blockchain its in billions!
We are Working on Generative art Marketplace (huge industry) on Solana with all required tools people can type their code easily and see the artwork instantly and be able to sell it.

Revenue and profit sharing
Revenue will be initially be generated from two sources; Firstly, primary sales on the platform/marketplace.
2/Fixed Percentage of revenue from launchpad Projects.

More details about the native token, staking, IDO and revenue sharing will be available in Whitepaper V2.
we are still consulting to best developers and tokenomics experts to facilitate the best type of launch possible.

This whitepaper does not constitute financial advice. Any investments made into this project or on this platform is at your own risk. This paper only intends to provide investors with information.




A long term vision NFT project on Solana blockchain!